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The Backyard Blog is created to share ideas related to something we can do in the backyard. Indeed, this blog actually not only talks about the backyard itself but also anything about home, since the backyard is the part of home. Backyard is the center of creativity and outdoor activity. The presence of The Backyard Blog is addressed to bring ideas that would be useful to implement in our home.

The Backyard Blog will bring many ideas of activity you can do with your family at home or in the backyard. We would focus on educational or fun activities that are classified into two groups, indoor and outdoor activities. Outdoor activities samples like games in the backyard, party rundown ideas, kids activity in the backyard. For indoor activities like indoor games for family, how to make a quality time in the weekend at your home etc.

The Backyard Blog also will involve the reader to discuss gardening activity, because backyard is the common place to do gardening activities. Various topics of gardening will be talked a lot through The Backyard Blog.

All the content ideas are based on experience or searched literature. Finally we would like to say that we hope The Backyard Blog will benefit the reader from its contents. Thank you.

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