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7 Ideas of Outdoor Games Without Equipment

Outbound or other outdoor activities are certainly fun, especially if they are done in groups with community or social organization. Outdoor activities increase the cohesiveness of fellow teams or community groups or organizations. Outdoor activities will definitely become more interesting if they are filled with fun and exciting group games activities.

Fun games generally require you to prepare game support equipment. For some, outdoor games when outbound with a number of tools are considered troublesome, especially if the purpose of the game is just to have fun without being complicated. If you want to play games or outdoor games without equipment, the following list of outdoor games without equipment can be a reference for your outbound agenda with your community, friends, or even family. 

1. Chain words

This chain word game is very simple. This game does not require any equipment, it only requires the dexterity and memory of the participants to be able to win the game. This is one of the outdoor games without equipment that is super easy to play.

How to play

Each participant is divided into several groups with a composition of 5 to 7 people in one group. All participants stand in a straight line with a distance of two or three meters each. Then one of the participants acts as a facilitator or game leader. The facilitator whispers a sentence to the first participant, then the first participant continues what he heard to the participant in front of him aka the second participant, the second participant then does the same to the third participant, and so on until the last participant.

the last participant for each group is asked to loudly say what he/she hear. The team with correct sentence is the winner and get the reward.

2. 7 wow

Game 7 wow (red: seven wow) is a game that sharpens the concentration of participants. This game includes games without tools. Here's how to play.

How to play

All participants are made in a circle with a hand in hand position. The instructor is in the circle giving explanations and instructions for the game. Participants are asked to count, then participants with numbers containing the number 7 or multiples of 7 shout wow. So that the arrangement of numbers sounded by the participants sounded like this:

Participants who forget to mention wow with the above term will be eliminated or punished to entertain other participants. Furthermore, the participant who is able to survive until the end is the winner of the game and gets the reward.

3. Hide and Seek 

Hide and Seek is a popular game which is known by many people all over the globe. This is an old children's outdoor game with no equipment. It's fun and super easy to play. Commonly this game is played by children in backyard , indoor or outdoor space. 

kids play hide and seek (image by pixabay)


How to play

One player who plays the role as seeker closes his eyes for  a certain period while counting (commonly counting to 100). The other players are hiders. The seeker opens his eyes then seeks the hider. The first hider who is found by the seeker will be the next seeker after all other hiders are found.

4. Human Knot

Human knot is a game conducted in a group. All groups are required to untie the knot among them without letting go of their hands. 

How to play

The way to play this game is that everyone stands in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. All players are required to take out their right hand and take the hand of someone in front of them at random. Then, their left hand does the same, taking someone else's hand. Within the allotted time, the group must untie the knot without letting go of their hands. If the group is too big, make smaller circles and these small groups can compete together.

5. Guess Who

This game is kind of an outdoor game without equipment needed. Guess Who game can be conducted either indoor or outdoor space. You can play this game in the backyard with family, children or your friends. Read more how to play this game

How to play

In this game, one participant is asked to come to the front, then prepare a profession name in his mind. Then the other participants asked him some question which the answer is only yes or no. The answers from the participants standing in the front serve as clues for other participants in guessing what profession is in the minds of the participants standing in front.

You can change the type of word guess in this game. In the example of this article, it is a word about the name of a profession, you can make guesses in the categories of health, education, public figure names and so on. 

6. Halo Hay Game

This Halo Hay game is an opening game to stretch the atmosphere that is already getting saturated or tired due to the training material that makes participants sleepy and dizzy. This game can be categorized as either indoor or outdoor games without equipment. The rules of the game are as follows

How to play

The instructor says hello then the participant replies by saying hay then vice versa if the instructor says hay then the participant replies by saying hello.

For example
Instructor : hello
Participant: hi
Instructor : hello hello hay
Participant: hey hey hello

If there is a participant who answers with the wrong pronunciation, the instructor can call him forward and give sanctions to entertain other participants. Sanctions can vary, for example drinking carrot juice, singing, reading poetry or presenting a summary of the material that has been studied together.

7 Dragon Battle

This dragon battle game does not require tools to run it. The Dragon battle game can be categorized as outdoor games without equipment. The Dragon battle game is played by two or more groups. One group consists of 5-10 participants. The more participants in a group, the more fun this game is to play.

How to play 

Create  3 groups with the composition of each group consisting of 10 people. Each participant lined up in a row in their respective groups. Each participant holds the waist of a group of friends standing in front of him. The frontmost participant in each group is called the head, while the backmost participant is called the tail. One participant as a judge can be assisted by several assistants. 

The three groups that had formed earlier were made facing each other at a distance of about 3 meters, so that each dragon’s head could see the other's head. The judges instruct the time the game starts, when the game starts, each group of dragons preys on other groups of dragons by catching the tail (the last participant) of the opposing dragon. The group of dragons that have been preyed upon must leave the arena of competition.

Every time a group of dragons has been devoured, the game is paused to return to tidying up positions, then the judges give the signal for a rematch for the group of dragons that are still surviving. The winner of the competition is of course the group of dragons who managed to survive without being preyed on.

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