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Virtual Team Ice Breaker Ideas for Work

Working remotely, online study, online meeting, and so on are now being a new lifestyle. Even for particular training in office also usually conducted online now. When you are facing an online meeting or online training you probably will think about how to make this virtual activity become more interesting. It is very potentially that people Will be bored or doing something else on their screen instead of following the online meeting agenda. 

Therefore, you need to make some ice breakers. Virtual team ice breaker ideas for work are so important that you can practice for online meetings, online training, online forum group discussion and excetra. To create better engagement with all audiences during online meetings and to make all people connected, you should consider some ice breaker ideas for online work as explained through this post. Without further ado, here are the idea lists.

Count how many triangles

Since you meet with others in a virtual way, playing an interactive mind-breaker is good to try, including playing count how many triangles. In this game you post a triangle image on screen then all participants are supposed to count how many triangles are there on the given image. There are so many options for triangle images you can use to play the game. One of the examples is as follows.

You can find some triangles game images on the internet or you can create by yourself instead.

Jumping Frog

This game is proposed to encourage audiences for critical thinking. You post a picture of five green frogs on the right side and five yellow frogs on the left side. The participants are asked to count how many jumps needed to switch the position of green frogs from the right side to the left side. The term is one frog only allowed to jump over a frog. The one who correctly counts the jumps and successfully switches the position of  two groups of frogs is the winner. If you are using zoom you can separate the participants into a virtual team  in different break rooms for each group.

Number battle

This game is played by two players. The first and the second player is asked to count the number 1 to 35 alternately. Every player can say one or two numbers at a time. For example the player one says 1,2 then the second player is allowed to say 3 or 3,4. The player who says 35 is the winner. .

Before the game starts, all teams are asked to discuss the strategy to win the game and decide their representative.

Japanese Family-River Crossing Puzzle

The Japanese Family-River Crossing Puzzle is a critical thinking puzzle. The game is about how to move the family from one riverside to another with particular rules. The rules of crossing as below:

  • Those who want to cross the river are mom, dad, 2 daughters, 2 sons, a policeman and a thief.
  • There is only one boat to use to cross the river which can carry at most two people.
  • Only adults (Mom, Dad and police) can operate the boat.
  • Dad can not be in the presence of the two daughters without their Mom.
  • Mom can not be in the presence of the two sons without their Dad.
  • The thief can not be alone with any of the family members without the policeman.

The virtual teams are assigned to discuss how many crossings are needed to move all people to another riverside without conflicting the rules. All virtual teams can be divided into different break rooms to discuss with particular time. While a team is presenting their thoughts, other teams are observing if there is a step that contradicts the rule. Those who correctly answer the puzzle are the winners.

Well, that is all the games you can play online. These game will encourage the meeting audiences to keep focus and engage them during virtual meeting.
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