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This Prestonwood Play Place is free, Go in and Enjoy

Good parents will always look for quality time with their families. Spending time together between parents and kids is very important since childhood is irreversible and beautiful memories between parents and kids will bring positive impact for their development. An indoor playground is a common option that many people prefer to spend quality time with families. Talking about play places, there are numerous play places across the US. This post will discuss one of them, that is Prestonwood play place.

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Prestonwood Kidz Indoor Playground is free

If you consider looking for a playing area in Prestonwood landmark, you can visit the  Prestonwood Kidz Indoor Playground. Prestonwood Kidz Indoor Playground is supposed to anyone seeking an enjoyable and fun play place. It is located in the center of Prestonwood landmark, Plano, Texas United State. This indoor play place offers a safe and vibrant environment where kids can explore their imagination, engage in active play, and create lasting memories. Prestonwood Kidz is a must-visit spot for families in search of indoor adventure since it provides facilities and amenities where kids have a lot of fun and the most important that the ticket admission is totally free. 

Prestonwood Kidz Indoor Playground


Kidz Play Hours

Before visiting this play place it is important to know about the play hours. Prestonwood Kidz Indoor Playground is open on Sunday from 08.45 am to 09.25 am  then continues again at 12.00 pm to 12.45 pm. Monday to Saturday it starts at 10.00 am and closes at 04.00 pm. This play place is accessible for kids of 10 and under 

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The play area is not too big, but fun enough for kidz. The play area gets more crowded around 02.15 pm in the afternoon. You are free to adjust your own schedule visiting this indoor playground.

Playing Role

First of all, you are required to sign on the front desk before playing. After giving information to them then they will give a parent sticker then you can go in to play. No food and beverages are allowed to be brought to the play place. If you bring them then you leave them outside by the door then you can eat on available benches. This place is commonly crowded since many people love it. There is no special attendant for kids while playing so you have to keep an eye on them and ensure they are safe.

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Make sure your kids leave their shoes on. This play place is very clean and actually they also provide lunch for those who need it. They are located on a separate spot for pizza, grill item, salad and hot entrees. Your kids will enjoy playing on slides, wall climbing and kids tunnel. Overall review, this Indoor Playground is worth visiting, your kids will be happy and want to stay longer than you expected. 


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