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Preparing Tomato Seeds for Planting in The Backyard

Tomato seeds that are uncooked do not immediately throw away. Try to use it as seed then plant it in the backyard. It is so much fun,  having outdoor plantation activity in the backyard. You can conduct that activity with your family, especially kids. 

The advantages of growing your own tomatoes is that we can get more organic fruit. We need to prepare tomato seeds before planting. Tomato seeds that are still fresh should not be directly spread or planted. There is an important process that must be done in the manufacture of tomato seeds, know more here. 

Tomato sprout

Dry Tomato Seeds

Tomato seeds need to be placed in a flat plate or container. Then, let it dry for 2-3 days. If the seeds of tomatoes that are still wet are directly planted, then it will most likely be difficult to grow since there is a process of decay that is still ongoing. After drying it you can continue to the next step that is washing dried tomato seeds.

Wash Dried Tomato Seeds

Wash dried tomato seeds in a container, this step is purposed to eliminate the bad seedlings. If there are seeds that float, it means that the seedlings are not good. Jo Only take the drowned seed  then wash again with flowing water. Drowned seeds are good seeds for planting.

Dry the Good Seed

After selecting the good seed, we need to dry it under direct sunlight for one day, or it could also be two to three days indoors at room temperature. Put the seed on a paper towel to make it dry for better drying. After it dried the seed is ready to plant or to save. Saving tomato seeds is not too difficult, you can save it on a paper bag, or an envelope. Once you need it for planting, you can put it on a plantation medium.


Plantation is the final step of the process. Prepare a plantation medium using a pot with soil and fertilizer. Make sure the pot is located in a place with direct sunlight in the morning. The tomato seeds can be put on the top of the pot then put a little soil to cover it. Let the propagation process occur. If the sunlight is too hot, then move the pot on to a shady part of the house. Too hot sunlight will affect the sprout for better growth.


Preparing Tomato Seeds for Planting in The Backyard is something you can do yourself. Having a tomato in your own backyard or home will make you get organic fruit from your own effort. It is not too difficult, there are a few steps to conduct before planting such as drying tomato seeds, washing tomato seeds, selecting the good seed,  washing and drying the good seed and finally planting it in a pot with enough sunlight.

Tomato seeds that are ready to grow can be saved on paper bags or envelopes as storage. You can plant any time you want in the backyard.

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