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5 Games to Sharpen The Brain, Kids Can Play in The Backyard

Playing outdoors is so much fun. You can do many things in the backyard to enjoy the day. Commonly, the backyard is used as a place for playing, gardening or to conduct small party or family reunions. Since the backyard is very close to games or fun activities, it is very important to know what kind of games we can do in the backyard. We should start to think about games that have a good value or games which are able to sharpen the brain. Games are a medium of learning so there must be a lot of games to sharpen the brain. 

This post will help you to discover some of the games that kids can play in the backyard to sharpen the brain. 


Almost all parents buy legos for their kids to play at home. Either they buy it because they know how useful it is or just because they follow other neighbors. Kids who play lego will think and imagine how to build something like a building, character, or city from the block. Playing lego with friends will increase children’s communication skill since they will talk to each other to compromise what they would like to build with the block. 

Playing Lego

When a kid plays alone, he or she will imagine how to make a story, making a conversation among the lego characters and running the story games. Either doing it alone or in a group, lego has an educational value that sharpens the brain.  

Rubik’s Cube

Kids probably will be very confused playing this game, but their minds will keep rotating to find how to make the same color on the same side on a rubik's cube. Kids who suggested playing this game are those who are 5 years old and older. Because this game is a high thinking game and needs more patience. Rubik’s Cube benefit is to exercise children's concentration, patience, balancing between right and left brain, and practice children’s emotional intelligence. 

Rubik Game



Maze is a game to complete a mission of finding the way from the start point to the endpoint of the maze that contains a complicated path. This game challenges the children to think where to go and find the path to the endpoint. This game will sharpen the kid’s brain and their motoric. Maze games also benefit the children to increase their creativity and learn how to find solutions.

Hide and Seek

Classic game hide and seek, is an old game without equipment needed, which parents also did when they were kids. This is one of the games to sharpen the brain because it requires the kid to guess where the other kids are hiding. They also will think where to find a good place to hide and safe from the seeker. This game exercise the children’s intuition as well as creativity. 

Sand Box

Sandbox game is  a game to be conducted in the backyard and has a good benefit to sharpen the brain of the kids. This game will let the kids imagine and create something from the sand. Kids play in the sand and compromise with others regarding what to build. Their imagination and communication skills will be sharpened by playing this game. 

Well that was five ideas of games to sharpen the brain, which all can be run in the backyard. Kids will be very happy to play those games while exercising them for better intelligence.

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