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Learning in The Backyard: How to Grow Avocado from Seeds

Avocados consist of many nutrients that are good for our body. It is a delicious fruit which can be processed into various types of food and beverage. The simple one is avocado juice. You might be one of those who like avocados. If yes, you probably also want to have your own avocado trees planted in the garden. Avocado trees are worth planting in our environment, it has a function to make our environment green as well as provide us with free avocados. No worry if you have no large garden, you can actually plant it in the backyard. 

Avocado tree

Planting an avocado tree requires some process and takes a long time.  Growing a tree is not an instant thing to do, we need to be patient and treat the tree from seed since it takes years to grow the avocado tree from seed. Well without further ado, let's move on to step by Step of growing avocado from seeds.

Select a good avocado seeds and wash

If you find a legit avocado you bought from the supermarket, don't throw the seed once you finish eating. The seed is good to grow. First thing you need to do to grow the avocado from seeds is washing the seed then drying it. 

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Peel off the outer skin of the avocado seeds, you can soak it in water to make it wet so it's easier to peel it off. Once you finish peeling then wash it again.


Pierce the avocado seed with four toothpicks then  place it half submerged in a glass of water. This is the moment of propagation when root and sprout show up. Through this process the root will start appearing and so do sprout. Put the seed near the window so it has enough sunshine everyday. It takes about 4 to 8 weeks to sprout.

Plantation medium

The seed with roots and sprouts needs to be put on a plantation medium. It could be a soil on a pot then put the seed on the top. You can also add the pot with compost or garden soil for better nutrients. Transferring the seed from water to soil aims for better seed growth.

Water and watch it grow

Keep watering the sprout gradually in the morning or in the afternoon, watch it grow day by day. When the steam reaches about 15 to 18 cm length, then you can plant the avocado baby tree in the backyard or garden. Commonly avocado will bear fruit after five years of planting depending on how well we treat the avocado tree. One avocado tree can produce around 50 kg avocados every harvest time. Harvest time can be two periods every year.

Growing a tree is not too difficult but takes a long time, therefore it is very important to keep the environment green and take care of the trees around us. Making home green and optimizing the backyard is a good start to keep the environment green while harvesting fresh fruit at home.

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