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The Benefit of planting Avocado Trees

Gardening for some people is just a hobby. They plant flowers, small trees and various herb plantations in a small field like a backyard. Planting a tree as a hobby is good. This is a good hobby since you contribute to make a better environment because of your hobby. Gardening creates more green spots in the environment and the plants we grow provide oxygen for living. Moreover, having a green environment stimulates a good mood.

Avocado tree


There are many kinds of trees to plant in the backyard. I am really passionate about planting avocado trees. There are some reasons in my opinion for choosing the avocado tree to plant in the backyard or garden. Avocado trees are quite easy to plant and I like the taste so much.

My Story in Planting Avocado

I still remember when I was a high school student my sister bought me an avocado. After consuming it, I decided to plant the seed since I am so satisfied with the taste. I take the seed then put it on a small pot with soil. I have no idea how to make the seed grow faster then. I just simply think that all seeds that lay on the ground will sprout and grow as time goes by. I just watered it anytime I found the soil was dry or less wet. I put it in a place where sunlight could reach the seed. I was so excited about the seed since it keeps showing growth progress.

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After a couple months it showed leaves then it became an avocado baby tree. Then I plant it in my family garden, it keeps growing and provides avocado fruits several times over the last five years. I don’t know what I have to do with this, I just plant the avocado with no certain intention then it grows and provides me a lot of avocado fruits. After all this moment, I became an avocado tree plantation enthusiast.

The Benefit of Planting Avocado Trees

Do you know? Planting avocado could be a very beneficial investment for you. As I have told you previously, avocado trees have provided fruit for me for the last five years. Every single avocado tree could reach 50 Kg of Avocados even more when harvest season comes. You can sell this fruit online or directly sell it to a fruit store, supermarket or people around you. You will be able to get all such advantages after at least growing the avocado trees for 5 years or more. More trees you have, the more avocados you get. You can calculate by yourself how much you can earn by planting avocado trees since the fruit price is different in every country.

What I want actually is that all young people should start to think about this beneficial plantation. If you start planting when you are 18 you probably will have a potential income from your garden at 25. Plantation to harvest takes a long time, therefore the sooner you decide to plant, the better.

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