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Pros and Cons Jumping on a Trampoline and How to Reduce Injury Risk

Playing on a trampoline is a fun game. Many children love to have play time using a trampoline. Playing in a group makes it more fun. No matter how fun it is, there are always pros and cons jumping on a trampoline that are discussed by many people on the internet or social media. Some people, especially parents, become insecure since they are afraid the kids will get injured. But many others with a positive mind just feel everything is going to be fine.

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Either you feel it is fine to have a trampoline for your kids or vice versa, it is important for you to know the pros and cons jumping on a trampoline for kids. This resume of pros and cons of jumping on a trampoline probably will help you to know the benefits of trampoline and to reduce the risk of having a trampoline for children in the backyard.

Pros of Jumping on a Trampoline

Encourage kids for playing outdoor

Kids should be active outdoors instead of playing inside the house. Having an outdoor exercise or games like trampoline will be good for their body development.

Improve kids posture

Jumping on a trampoline regularly improves children's posture. Good posture is absolutely beneficial for children, good posture correlates with their productivity. They will be better too in doing physical activity with a good and proportional posture.

Increase children's social skills

Commonly children play trampolines in a group. They definitely Will talk and interact with each other. This social interaction is very good for their development. It teaches them to engage people around them with good communication. Your kids also will have a good friendship since they are enjoying the game together.

Improve immune system

Physical activity such as bouncing on a trampoline accelerates blood circulation. It increases the number of white blood three times than usual and circulates white blood cells through your body to create a strong line of defense. This routine will increase your immune system.

Various health benefits

Many websites explain about health benefits you can get by playing on trampolines on the internet. Jumping on a trampoline at a regular time will be beneficial for your health. This activity improves blood circulation, strengthens heart muscle, improves bone density, and many more.

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Instead of pros, jumping on a trampoline also has a cons. These cons should be avoided and considered as risks so you can use them safely. It is harmful specially for toddlers. Below are some common cons of jumping on a trampoline.

Cons of Jumping on a Trampoline

Risks of injuries

jumping on a trampoline specially for children has a higher risk of injury. Injury can occur when they jump and do a wrong landing. Also when they play and jump together in a group then a crash occurs.

High risk for children's Bone Development.

Children's bones are fragile. Falling to land well from jumping is a high for their bone development. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons the younger the kid the higher the risk of injury when jumping on a trampoline.

Commonly the cons of jumping on a trampoline is about injuries in particular parts of our body, such as leg, arms, bones, muscles and so on. We actually can attempt some precautions to prevent serious injuries for kids. To reduce risks we can take action below

It is better not to provide trampoline for kids under 6  

Trampoline for toddlers is not recommended. The risk is very high, you better divert your kids attention to other things like playing with a ball or some toys in the backyard.

Use Trampoline with safety net

Trampoline with a safety net will prevent falls outside the trampoline. It is better to have a trampoline with safety net either for kids or for adults.

Do not let kids jump together in a group

Jumping together at the same time in a group on one trampoline is dangerous. Kids potentially crash into each other and cause injuries. It is better to play and jump alternately.

Use small trampoline for kids

Choosing the proper size of trampolines for kids is important. Kids are not heavy in weight. They will be safe playing on smaller trampolines.

Watch kids playing

Parents should stay around while children are playing on trampolines. Parents will be able to warn or directly help them when they get wrong or facing something difficult. No matter how safe the trampoline your kids have, it is always better to accompany children during play time.

Pros and cons of jumping on a trampoline or any other tool is something normal. All we need to realize is about choosing the best way and reducing risks as much as possible. We can not avoid risks but we can reduce it even into a small percentage of possibility. Last but not least, we would say thanks for reading till the end of this post, hopefully it can be a piece of knowledge for you.

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