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Smart Ideas About How to Stop Cats from Pooping in the Garden

Cats are funny pets that many people have in their houses. Kids or even adults love cats. But it is so annoying if cats poop in the lawn or garden in the backyard. How to stop cats from pooping in the garden is so important to know to keep your environment comfortable. Although there is only a little poop in the garden it is very smelly. 

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Having a pet at home but staying in a clean environment is needed by many people. According to some researchers, people love cats since it is able to reduce stress. That is the main reason why many people look after it at home. For beginners who want to take cats at home, perhaps they will get confused about how to treat them. There is a lot of knowledge you need to know including how to prevent cats from pooping in the garden or in a place you do not want them to do pooping. Cats also like pee into a place they like and spread their urine anywhere as well as pooping anywhere. They spread the urine to notice their ownership areas. 

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Teaching cats to poop and pee properly in the toilet room or particular places will bother you at the beginning. You may need to clean their poop anywhere they drop until they completely know where to poop. Well, without further ado, you should check some tips below. That would probably help you to overcome the cases.

Spread a scent that cats don't like

Cats will go to find other places when they smell something they don't like. Strong scents like lavender , orange , Chili, lemonade, and others are able to stop cats from pooping in the garden.The scent from natural sources lasts for a short time, therefore you need to spread them again and again. Natural resources like lemonade have a strong scent, it is safe for your cats though.

Cats dislike hard surface

Very often cats poop on a soft surface like soft soil or sand in the garden. They like soft surfaces instead of hard one as a bathroom in the garden . If there is some soft soil in the garden, then you can put some rocks or twigs to make its surface rough.

Notice where they usually poop and clean that environment.

If you find cats often pooping in a garden at the same place repeatedly, kindly clean around that place with soap water or detergent. Notice where they usually poop and clean the environment is so important to get rid of their scent. Cats can detect the same place to poop as long as they can smell their scent in that area.

Spray cats with water

If you find cats coming to the garden several times to find a place for pooping, you can prevent them by spraying water on their body. It sounds so rude, but actually not, since water is not a harmful substance. Cats don't like water spraying their body. Spraying water when they are in the garden will make them notice that it is not a safe place anymore so they will go to other places.

Provide them a place to poop

As mentioned previously, cats love a soft place to poop. So you can make a certain place for cats to poop using soft material like soil or sand. You can make it on the corner of the backyard, so they will poop there anytime they want to.

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Plant what cats do not like in the garden

Some plants produce scents that cats don't like. Plants like coleus canina, rue, lavender, and pennyroyal are not liked for their strong aroma. That would be good to avoid cats from pooping in the garden.

Physical Boundaries

Well, instead of those ways you are also able to prevent cats from pooping in the garden by creating physical boundaries around the garden using fences. This is probably not working very well but It is a good start step to stop cats from pooping in the garden. 

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All ideas in this post are not only safe for the environment but also for cats. You can easily conduct all the ideas, since it is very simple to do. Well, that is all about how to stop cats from pooping in the garden, hope it helps you in keeping the home and garden clean although there is a cat home.

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