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How to Deter Squirrels from Garden, 6 Smart Tips to Try

Planting various plants in the garden is so much fun. Seeds that have been planted in the garden need to be treated well so that it could grow and produce crops. Pest is the thing that almost every gardener faces in growing plants in the garden. There are many kinds of pests like insects, even Squirrels. 

Squirrel in the garden

Squirrels are the pests you will face if you plant trees that produce fruit or vegetables, also particular flowers that squirrels love. If squirrels have settled in your garden or house, it can be annoying. These animals gnaw through cables, destroy plants, leave dirt and plunder nests of breeding birds. You will be very disturbed by this kind of animal. Well, you probably start to think of how to deter squirrels from garden.  With these tips, you will be able to deter squirrels from the garden. Without further do, let’s check how.

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First, check everything for leaks and holes.

The garage, the shed, the fence and the roof of the house. Plug all the holes so that the squirrels can no longer build nests there and no longer have access to the interior. If the squirrels have already settled inside, for example in the attic, you should call an exterminator. For the sake of the animals, you can be sure to contact a company that captures the rodents and releases them in nature.

Let dogs or cats walking around the garden

Squirrels do not like to stay in an area where there are predators. So if you have a dog or a cat, let them walk around the garden a lot. Cats and Dogs commonly like to catch small creatures i.e, a squirrel. They actually hate squirrels because of its scents. Having a dog walking around the garden will help to deter squirrels.

Use ultrasound machine

Buy an ultrasound machine. The sounds of an ultrasound machine drive away the squirrels. Keep in mind, however, that other animals can also feel disturbed by the sounds - such as your own pet. People use ultrasound to prevent pests coming to the garden including rats and squirrels. You can choose another method instead of this idea to deter squirrels from the garden if you have pets in the garden.

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Cut out the branches of trees

Cut out the branches of trees so that the squirrels do not get well from tree to tree or from tree to house roof. If you have pipes that lead to your house, you can sheath them with cut plastic pipes. As a result, the squirrels can no longer walk on the pipes, as the pipes do not give a firm hold.

Squirrel repellent spray

If you have a bird feeder and don't want to go without it, you can mix the feed with squirrel repellent spray. Birds like it, but deters squirrels. When growing plants, be sure to favor those that squirrels don't like to eat. If you don't want to do without any plants, you can also spray squirrel repellent spray on the leaves if the plants can tolerate it.

Squirrels afraid of owls

If you have a problem with squirrels in the yard, you may consider having an owl in your garden. Squirrels are afraid of owl attacks when they are on the ground. Squirrels will avoid an area if their senses detect an owl approaching. Owls will hunt and kill squirrels either in the daylight or at night. If you find it hard to have an owl in your garden, you can use a plastic owl decoy to scare off squirrels.

Well that is all smart way to deter squirrels from the garden. You are free to choose any ideas you want to try to get rid of squirrels from the garden.  

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