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How to Scare off Raccoons from Yard

Raccoon in backyard is a pest that can disturb your plantation planning. Raccoons can climb trees, go on roofs at night. Deterring raccoon is so important if you find it on your lawn. Various ways can be conducted to deter a scary raccoon including scare off raccoons itself. Well, through this post we would like to help you to know about how to scare off raccoons from yard. Without further ado, let’s see important things that you need to know about raccoons. 

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Exploring types of Raccoon's habits

Firstly, it is necessary to know about different types of raccoon, especially to know about their habits. Racoon mostly can be found in the United States and Canada, as well as in Latin America from Mexico to the Northern region of South America. Raccoons are animals that spend their daylight to take a rest and foraging for food during their night. Since they are omnivores they eat both plants and animals. Nuts, insects, eggs, berries, frogs and many kinds of fruits are their favorite foods. They also need some water since they are thirsty too. 

Raccoons (Procyon Lotor) are wild animals so it is not recommended to have raccoons at home as pets. Feeding raccoons at home will cause other raccoons to come to your home and they will probably have a party there during the night. Raccoons commonly have brown fur with black “mask” across the eyes. There are also rare  white raccoons as well as brown raccoons.  Rare white raccoons actually due to abnormal genetic mutation in a raccoon. It is called albino, so a white raccoon is actually an albino raccoon. Albino raccoons sometimes have fur with yellow color so they are also called a yellow raccoon.

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How to deter raccoon from backyard

There are various attempts to deter raccoons either from backyard or garden, some of these tips you can do to deter raccoons from your home backyard.

Hot Paper

Let's start with homemade deterrents using common home remedies. Cayenne or hot pepper can be a good deterrent to keep the raccoon away. Raccoons have a strong sense of smell. We can take advantage of this feature by spraying some smell they hate either around the garden or in the backyard. Take a small bottle of cayenne then mix with a bottle of hot sauce. Add both cayenne and hot sauce into a gallon of water then shake for a few minutes, and finally your homemade raccoon deterrent is ready to use. Put this homemade deterrent on a spray bottle. Go to your garden and spray this homemade deterrent.

Spraying Predator Urine

Still the same as the previous attempt. We take another attempt by taking advantage of raccoon's strong sense of smell. Using a predator urine scent is also able to deter raccoons effectively. They hate and scare of predator urine. Coyote urine and fox urine are commonly used as predator urine to scare of raccoons. When they smell the predator urine scents they feel unsafe so they will avoid that place. You can buy predator urine in pet shop either on online shop or offline shop. Many people are using this way and it works.

Epsom Salt Sprinkle

Another kitchen ingredient you can use to deter raccoon is epsom salt sprinkle. Raccoons dislike the smell of epsom salt sprinkle. Try to sprinkle epsom salt around the garden. Racoons will avid paths where they find the scent of sprinkle epsom salt.

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Protect Your Trash Bin

Raccoons' goal to come to your home at night is foraging for food. Garbage is one of things they will be looking for since there are commonly many foods they like there. They can easily find your garbage just from the smell. Protecting the trash bin becomes important since it attracts raccoon at night. Locking the trash bin or putting it inside during night will help much to prevent raccoons from coming.

Repair Garden Fence

Make sure you have a decent fence to protect the garden or backyard. Broken fences will make raccoons easily come to your lawn. Fences are used to boundary the yard. Better fences will make their way to your garden difficult.

Well that’s all some super easy  tips to do to deter raccoon from backyard. You must be able to implement all these tips since it is easy and using simple things you can find at home.

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