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Treehouse Indoor Playground South Edmonton Review

Playing at an indoor playground  is one of the options for parents to have a quality time with children. Commonly various games available in the playground. Children will be excited since there are many new things that they can not find at home. If you are in South  Edmonton Canada, you might consider visiting Treehouse indoor playground south Edmonton with your family members. Below is some nice info that is probably important to you before visiting Treehouse Indoor Playground. 

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Treehouse indoor playground location and hours

Firstly you absolutely need to know about location and their working hours. Treehouse indoor playground south Edmonton is located at 10181 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6J8. Treehouse indoor playground south Edmonton open everyday (monday-sunday) from 09.00 am to 09.00 pm. The indoor playground is so homey, kids will love to have many activities here and burn many calories. 

Treehouse indoor playground admission tickets

Ticket price is classified based on kids' age and play day.
$7.95 for 1-3 years old kids on monday-thursday.
$9.95 for 1-3 years old kids on friday-sunday.

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$11.95 for 4-13 years old kids on monday-thursday.
$13.95 f0r 4-13 years old kids on friday-sunday.

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It is free for adults to accompany their kids. The ticket price is reasonable towards available facilities for kids to play. This price is quite competitive compared to other similar indoor playgrounds around Edmonton. The price is higher at weekends and usually crowded more as well. It is better for you to come here on weekday afternoons to avoid crowds. 

Treehouse indoor playground Edmoton birthday party package

Treehouse playground offers birthday party celebrations in the playground. You can arrange a memorable birthday party there. Just book your date by talking to associated staff either directly or by phone. 

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Treehouse playground offers three kinds of party packages: basic party, luxury party and platinum party. All party packages include entrance fees for 10 children. Unlimited play time after party room time. Treehouse T-Shirts for Birthday child. Photo time with one of our mascots. Colorful napkins, plates, cups and cutlery.

Playing rules and facilities

Every kid who enters the playground is required to use socks. Adults who enter the playground are also required to use socks. Therefore make sure you have socks on your feet from home. No outside meals allowed. No need to worry if you want something to eat or drink. There is a comfortable cafe area where you are able to enjoy  some healthy foods beverages while watching your kids playing around. 

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There are various Treehouse playground facilities such as games and prizes, party room, food tables, arcade, backyard blaster, lego room, racing zone and lots more. Well, that is all the things we can inform you about Treehouse Indoor Playground South Edmonton. Hope this review benefits you before visiting that playground.

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