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Indoor Plants for Toddlers to Grow

Planting is good to introduce to kids. There are many things they can learn from gardening. Kids have a high desire to imitate what they see. When they see their parents are doing gardening activities they perhaps think to do the same. If you have kids that are enthusiastic about gardening. It is fantastic. You can introduce them to some indoor plants for toddlers to grow. 

Kids in the garden

There are many easy plants for kids to grow. This post will tell you some. Keep reading and hope you meet some new ideas to grow at home with kids.  There are various tremendous plants and flowers that can be planted by your kids. We're pleased to share with you ten of our common options to plant, all that should be a great addition to your home garden.

1. Sunflowers
Sunflowers, the flower with yellow color, are a great kid-friendly plant. The iconic look of its bold yellow face is an exciting find for kids, and they may be fascinated by its sun-chasing shape. And that's not to mention the yummy sunflower seeds they can take inside to snack on!

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2. Snapdragons
Snapdragons can be another great option for kids to grow. Snapdragons come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Consider involving your kids in the filtering process to give them a wider sense of pride and responsibility in your garden. Include them to do all the steps and they will learn. 

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3. Marigolds
Marigolds can provide a similar function -- these beautiful flowers come in so many different colors. Kids will love colorful gardens. Marigolds can be a great choice for a preschool garden. 

4. Dill
Many options of easy flowers to grow for kids. Dill's interesting, pickled scent can make it an interesting shrub for a preschooler. Moreover, it is so useful since it is used either for medicine or culinary recipes. 

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5. Mint
Growing mint shrubs in your garden can create a feast for the senses, and there are many unique scents to pick from when planting.

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6. Radishes
And if you want to really impress your kids, why not grow some vegetables with them? The process of growing then eating what they've planted will give preschoolers a greater appreciation for the whole experience. Radishes germinate quickly and can give quicker gratification to impatient kids.

7. Beans
Beans are a great plant for preschoolers given their small size and relative ease to plant.

8. Pumpkins
Pumpkins can be an exciting plant for kids in the garden. Instead of its color, pumpkins are also being so popular during Halloween. Kids will be excited if they have their own pumpkins and decorate it for their Halloween.

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9. Lambs Ears
Plants that have interesting physical characteristics can be great for kids. The aforementioned lamb's ears have a fuzzy, stuffed-animal quality that should appeal to young ones.

10. Cotton
Cotton, by the same token, can be both fun to play with and potentially highly educational, considering cotton's many uses.

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