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RDWC System and DWC System, Simple Hydroponic Techniques.

The RDWC System is one of the simple techniques of hydroponic gardens. It is actually the advanced version of the DWC system. Planting in a hydroponic system actually has some techniques, some basic techniques that are good to try are the RDWC system or DWC system. 

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Today in urban life, the field for planting on soil is getting more difficult. However, people are starting to realize that gardening is an important thing in life since it helps to increase biodiversity, to produce oxygen, organic and healthy food. 

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Hydroponic systems have become a gardening lifestyle which many urban people are practicing at home. It is so much fun to produce our own vegetables in a hydroponic garden, however you can set your hydroponic garden in a small area like on the rooftop of your home or apartment.

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Before going further, the first important aspect to understand in a hydroponic garden is about the hydroponic technique. . Since this post is addressed to those who are new to hydroponic gardening, the technique that will be explored is the easiest one. DWC System and RDWC System are simple and easy hydroponic techniques to implement, let’s know more about them. 

DWC System

DWC System on Hydroponic Plantation

The Deep Water Culture System method is planting on a reservoir where the roots are submerged into well oxygenated solutions that consist of water and nutrients. Things you need to build WDC system are:

  • Bucket or tray
  • Air pump
  • Air stone
  • Tubing
  • Growing media
  • Plants 

Deep Water Culture, simple hydroponic technique
After providing all things needed, you can continue to build the DWC system. The method is simple, firstly connect the pump to the tubing, then the tubing to the airstone and put the airstone in the bucket. Fill the bucket with water. The roots will grow and start to hit the water. The solutions on hydroponic replace the soil and help plants find water right away to grow fast. 

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RDWC System

RDWC Systems are similar to DWC Systems, but they consist of multiple reservoirs which all are connected. One of the servoir is installed as the main reservoir where nutrient solutions are introduced to the systems. The water pump and air stone are placed in the main or central reservoir that force oxygen goes through the system via hoses or tubing. 

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Benefit of DWC and RDWC System

These simple techniques come with some benefits in growing the plant well. Some of the advantages of using DWC or RDWC Systems are

  • Easy to maintenance
  • Extremely fast growing
  • Repotting much easier and cleaner
  • Roots are better supplied with air
  • Roots can be checked for damage more quickly and easily
  • Less watering required (top advantage on vacation)
  • Water level indicator gives you a better overview of when it needs to be watered
  • Pests that live in soil find no breeding ground
  • Room humidity is increased because some water always evaporates from the pot
  • Cuttings can be placed directly in expanded clay and do not have to be transplanted with the first fragile roots.
  • All accessories can be used again and again (substrate can be boiled)
  • Fertilizing with hydro fertilizer is completely uncomplicated and only takes place every 3-4 months, all plants get the same fertilizer
  • No over-fertilization, the plants take what they need
  • Plants that are sensitive to lime can also be watered with water containing a lot of lime if a special hydro fertilizer with ion exchangers is used
  • Maintenance is easy if the basics are observed
  • Plants supposedly grow better (I haven't checked)
  • Plants are said to have a longer lifespan
  • For dust allergy sufferers: no breeding ground for allergens on hydro plants in the bedroom.

Well, it is very nice to try your own hydroponic garden at home even at a small scale. The DWC or RDW system is good for beginners to start hydroponic successfully.

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