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Propagating Hydrangeas in Water, Does It Work ?

Hydrangeas, a popular plant for its immense flower heads which are so beautiful and make your garden colorful. Most Hydrangeas are small trees or shrubs with a height of one to three meters. Instead of growing as shrubs, some hydrangeas are woody vines that can climb up to 30 meters high. 

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They can be perennial or deciduous, but mostly cultivated temperate species like Hydrangeas lose their leaves in the Fall. Most of them are white but some are blue, pink, and dark or light purple. The color of the flower is affected by aluminum oil substance availability in the soil. Aluminum oil substance depends on soil pH. Many people love to plant hydrangeas, since it is easy to multiply and has a good look with their color.

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Planting hydrangeas in your garden is a nice choice. Firstly, we would like to inform you that the best time for planting hydrangeas is during autumn followed by spring planting. It is better to plant hydrangeas in the morning or late afternoon because commonly it is cooler and the hydrangeas less likely to suffer from direct light. They grow best in systematically moist, well-drained soil with a moderate nutrient level.

How to propagate hydrangeas in water, is it possible ?

Many people think hydrangeas is an evergreen flower, but it is a woody-stemmed shrub plant which is different from non-woody soft-stemmed plants. That’s why rooting hydrangeas like other houseplants you do rarely succeed. Wood cutting is the way you can propagate hydrangeas. You can root hydrangeas from cutting hardwood in late fall or early winter. All you need to do before starting to propagate hydrangeas from cutting the wood is about preparing the tools. Actually you just need simple tools which commonly people have in their home. You need a flower cutter, a little pot with soil inside and a lot of patience.

Propagate hydrangeas from cutting

Take your flower cutter, then cut the stem into 4-6 inch. Choose the young stem, you can know it from its color, the young stem has a lighter color  than older one. For best results select the stem with lots of green leaves yet no flower. Remove all leaves and leave one set of leaves on top of each cutting stem. Best time to cut a stem is in the early morning. It is because the flower is best hydrated at that time and less heat from the sun. 

You have to put the stem on a pot with soil immediately. Don't let them dry due to delay time. Alternatively, you can put them in shallow warm water to make them stay hydrated while you work. The moisture is very important for this shrub. Once you put them into a pot, put them in a warm and moist place where the sunlight reaches them indirectly. Water regularly to keep it moist but not soggy or leaky. 


Enjoy the hydrangeas rooting process 

After that process, commonly it takes around two to four weeks for the young stem to grow roots. You can test by pulling down the bottom part of the stem inside the pot, you probably will be able to feel  a slight resistance from delicate new roots. Other than that you also will see new leaves grow with light color.

Rooting time progress is influenced by multiple factors such as humidity, temperature and parents' stem health. Once the hydrangeas grow well, you can replace them into a larger container and plant them towards your garden accordingly. That is all about how to propagate hydrangeas from cutting. It is fun and quite easy to practice. 
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