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Indoor Playground Queens

Indoor playground is a good family amusement on the weekend where all family members are having fun together. If you are staying in Queens, a borough of New York City and looking for some amusement place to spend your time on the weekend. You may consider some indoor playgrounds that are located in Queens. List below is indoor playground Queens, you can visit to have a quality time with your family.

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1. Kanga's Indoor Playcenter and Cafe

First indoor playground Queens you should try is Kanga's Indoor Playcenter and Cafe. Kanga's Playcenter is America's exciting venue for children either to play or to have a party. Kids from age 1 to 12 are welcome to play here. Children can play for hours as they want while parents are watching from the cafe. Once admission is paid, parents can have a coffee or a bite to eat while children are climbing, sliding, jumping in the incredible playspace of Kanga's Indoor Playcenter. 

Enjoying slide in Kanga's Indoor Playground
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There are two different entry prices to enter the playground. During school day the ticket admission is $17.99 , special for summer is $19.99. One adult as a companion is free, an additional adult is $10 per each. During weekend or holiday each kid is charged for $24.99, one adult free as a companion and $10 per each for additional adults. 

2. Playlab Kids Indoor Playground

Playlab Kids is an Indoor Playground Queens for children 6 and under. Parents or older children are welcome to enter the cafe area. Playlab requires parents to supervise their children when playing. Either children or adults are required to use socks in the playground area. Since the cafe provides food and beverage, you are not allowed to bring any food from outside. 

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Once the ticket admission is paid, your children are free to jump, climb, bounce, and enjoy all play space facilities. It has many joyful playing facilities such as slides, bath balls, mini cars, mini homes, castles, sand and a lot more.

Playlab Kids Indoor Playground
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The ticket price as below;
$18 for one hour play ( include 1 child and 1 adult) and $8 for 1 additional adult.
$25 for two hours play (include 1 child and 1 adult) and $10 for 1 additional adult.
Either you take one hour or two hours package, it is $10 for additional one hour play time and $5 for one additional adult. If you want to play frequently here, it is better for you to join quarterly membership by paying $500, you can play here every day for two hours including one child and one adult. 

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Playlab Kids is Queens Indoor Playground that is located at 135-17 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11354, United States. Open hours start from 10 am - 6 pm everydays. Available parking area for visitors, you may take time to find a parking slot during peak season.

3. Dream City

Dream city is a play and learn center for children 6 and under located in the center of Forest Hill, New York. It provides playing facilities for children to learn and to have fun. The playspace consists of a soft play area, ball travel machine, ice cream carts, swings and bumpers, ice cream truck, rock climbing, mural, obstacle course, Wood cubes pit, beehives, hide out, ball pit, dream city cafe, rollercoaster and many more.

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Dream city does not only provide play space but also wonderful party space. You can celebrate a birthday party here instead of playing. Dream city is very popular and has very good services. No wonder this playground achieves so many positive reviews from visitors and mass media.

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Dream city open play price is $15 per visitor on weekdays for 1.5 hour session and $18 per visitor on weekends for 2 hours session. It is located at 108-48 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY 11375.

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